SPP 1617 International Meeting 2019 (Schloss Hohenkammer)

The SPP progress meeting 2019 will take place at Schloss Hohenkammer (North of Munich) from March 27th to March 29th 2019. General information are available.

Registration is now closed. Abstract submission is still open (deadline February 8th 2019).

You can decide to present a poster or a talk. For submission please register as a new user. After that you are able to submit your abstract and also change it as long as abstract submission is possible.

Talks should fit into one of the following categories:
· Design Principles of Bacterial Phenotypic Heterogeneity
· Evolution of Bacterial Phenotypic Heterogeneity
· Biological Significance of Bacterial Phenotypic Heterogeneity

Confirmed international speakers:

    Martin Ackermann (ETH Zürich, CH)
    Sigal Ben-Yehuda (Hebrew University, Israel)
    Lars Dietrich (Columbia University, USA)
    Thierry Emonet (Yale, USA)
    Jeff Gore (MIT, USA)
    Calin Guet (IST, Austria)
    Oskar Hallatschek (Berkeley, USA)
    Sophie Helaine (Imperial College, UK)
    Thomas Julou (Biocenter Basel, CH)
    Daniel Kearns (Indiana University, USA)
    Nathalie Balaban (Hebrew University, Israel)
    Thomas Wood (Penn State, USA)
    Lanying Zeng (Texas University, USA)